Who cares? We do.

Here at preLewd Intimates, we feel that everyone needs a bit of love. So, stop giving yourself the leftovers. In our book, we compiled the top three P’s to make YOU a priority.

The number one P is Pamper. (Not the diaper folks) we are talking about rewarding yourself. All of us need to pencil in some time for ourselves. This can be done by engaging in a relaxing night (or day) at home with no interruptions. Many of us have forgotten what ‘no interruptions’ means. For clarification purposes, this method is to send people away. The kids may go with friends, your partner can leave for work and this will allow you to just enjoy the time alone.

Next, the surroundings. They need to be just right. We encourage creating a spa environment by lighting some candles (or incense), turning off the glaring lights and the phone, play some mellow music and gorge on those, ‘I can’t have these’ treats. If you care to verge on the healthier side of things, then try some meditation, yoga or going for a walk.

Now, let's touch on refreshments. Try a new flavor of tea, a cup of coffee, or make yourself some cool refreshing herbal water. Here’s a quick recipe:

-Fill a pitcher 3/4 full with ice water.

-Add any of these slices: lime, orange, or lemon

-Or fresh herbs such as: rosemary, basil, or sage

-Or fresh chopped peaches, strawberries, whole blackberries and raspberries

Mix and match any flavors that you like. So, grab an empty glass and drink up!

If any of those options are not to your liking, we have some others, such as:

Reading. Pick up that book you bought decades ago because now is the time to

start it.

Take a nap. Nothing is wrong with this. Try it, and see how reinvigorated

you are after a quick snooze.

Remember it is all about improving your mood and what makes YOU happy.

The number two P is Planning. Yes, we all need a bit of organization in our lives. Sorry, but we do. Planning is like a road map of our goals. By prepping, we become successful, happy and have a fulfilling life when we reach our destination. Our plans can be small or big parts of our life. Per Skilled at Life some of the the benefits of planning are:

  1. You will pinpoint, control, detail and focus on your priorities.

  2. Saying, ‘no’ will be easier because those things are not important.

  3. A planned life will make you feel more passionate, powerful and give you a sense of freedom and peace.

So, what are you waiting for, wouldn’t you want an easier and balanced life. It is time to begin.

We have arrived at the final P, which is preLewd Intimates. You know it. Here at preLewd, we have bodysuits, bras, corsets, lightweight robes, panties, and garter belts for you to explore what makes

you comfortable. Our goal is for each person to feel confident, sensual, sexy and empowered with our apparel. We feel that not only will our intimates be an inner confidence booster, it will encourage self-love. If this is a new avenue for you, it is ok, we have you covered. We suggest something simple like our Crop Tops or Hot Girl Panties. Our Crop Tops come in an array of patterns for any mood you are in, plus they are soft, delicate, a perfect fit, flexible and durable. Just like our Hot Girl Panties. Both of these items scream comfortable, confident, trendy and tell your brain that you deserve to be a beauty. If you want to try something risque, and break up the ho-hum, we have our Medusa Bodysuit. This hot, sexy and flirty item will surely accentuate your finest assets, and transform the way you see yourself.

As you can see, preLewd Intimates cares about YOU and what YOU wear. Wearing intimate apparel is about loving yourself. Anyone can feel sexy, luxurious, invigorating and more alive. In The Tempest, India Kushner said it perfectly, ‘Lingerie can be fun and exploratory, letting you express parts of yourself that don’t always fit in with the outside world’.


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