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Underwear Slang/Phrases

We tend to chat (or text message) about different things going on in our daily lives. But do you ever think about the alternative jargon we utilize to discuss underwear? No? Well, we have come across a few slangs/phrases that we have heard. In no particular order or preference, here they are:

Over the shoulder boulder holder: Who recalls this famous line, in 1988, from Bette Midler in the movie Beaches? This phrase has been voiced by many well endowed females since.

Burn your bra: ‘In the 1960’s, supporters of the feminist movement were determined to be heard. As a declaration of solidarity, women began bra burning protests at well attended public events. Bra burning became a symbolization of women declaring their independence from men.’ (Knott 2017.)

Tighty Whities: Unless you have been under a rock for the past four decades, you MUST remember when Tom Cruise showed us his Tighty Whities in Risky Business? Then, you are more than aware that Tighty Whities is another name for white briefs.

These are just a few slang/phrases regarding underwear. Can you name a few? We definitely would like to read about them.

Thank You.


Knott, R. 5 October 201. Burn that Bra!

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