The only thing you gave me...

Hello Everyone- A dear friend shared something he created with me. I asked his permission to share his words. I believe that no words needed to be changed, they are perfect as they are.

Good morning my dear friend. I hope this text finds you well. I wanted to share with you the final draft of my life's defining poem. It was truly inspired by your book and I must admit I am proud of this very personal message. All I ask is that you don't share this with my wife as I have not discussed any of this with her and I'm not sure she would understand it's meaning and it's depth. So hear goes

The only thing you gave me

by: an anonymous male

When I was just a child

I looked into your eyes

I thought there goes my father

But much to my surprise

Our relationship would falter

It got worse year after year

Instead of choosing me

You chose cigarettes and beer

Of all the things to give me

It surely is a shame

That the only thing you gave me

Was my 1st and my last name

I think of all the things

We could have Done as dad and son

Playing catch, skipping stones

or going for a run

You could have given me attention

Or given me your time

You choose to Give me nothing

Except a Name that isn't mine

I never wanted anything

That seemed to be unfair

Maybe just an 'atta boy

Something to show you cared

I remember so many things

And how they made me feel

Anything that I did well

Just was never that big a deal

I know you had your favorites

Paul And Kim to be exact

I just wish you could have loved them

And kept those relationships intact

You never Loved my mother

I'm not sure that she loved you

You never loved me either

This we both know is true

You laid hands upon my mother

You ruined her entire life

No real man hits a woman

Especially when she's his wife

As an adult I sit here

Wondering who there is to blame

For the fact you choose to only

Give me my 1st and my last name

I look for things, excuses

Anything at all to show

Something to keep me praying

To stop Me From letting go

Every child deserves a father

Someone they can trust

When it came To being him for me

Your efforts were a bust

You treated raising me

Like our lives were just a game

You never gave me anything

Except my 1st and my last name

I am now a father

And things are NOT the same

I love my children dearly

I show it without shame

Encouraging words and praise

Hugs, kisses and my hand

I will Give them everything

Because I truly am a man

I won't hide inside a bottle

And quit when things get tough

I will Love my family always

Even in times that are rough

It's all part of the package

It's all part of the game

I'll give my children everything

Including "our" last name

As your time here on earth

Comes closer to an end

I extend an olive branch

An invitation as a friend

I know not what to say

To my children when there down

I know how to make them smile

I know how to remove a frown

When looking back on everything

I can clearly see.

There were a couple other things

That you have given me

What not to do

What not to be

What not to say

What not to see

By showing me the negative

I know what not to do

The man I need to be like

Was never really you

Thank you for what you've given me

The world is mine to gain

You've given me so much more

Then just My first and my last name.

We both agreed that it has healed his soul. Maybe it will mend others, as well. Let us know what you think.