The ABC’s of…preLewd Intimates

A: Arousing

B: Beddable

C: Coquettish

D: Dionysiac

E: Erogenous

F: Fetching

G: Gripping

H: Hands-down

I: Intriguing

J: Jaw-dropping

K: Knockout

L: Luscious

M: Mesmeric

N: Nubile

O: Orphic

P: Provocative

Q: Quality

R: Racy

S: Sultry

T: Tempting

U: Un-put-downable

V: Voluptuous

W: Wanting

X: Xenas

Y: Yearn

Z: Zealous

These 26 words not only encompass how one feels in our apparel but it also defines what we stand behind as a business.

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