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When Liz approached me almost a year ago about venturing into a business, I was hesitant. Very hesitant. I didn’t want to go down this path of having to work long hours for little pay. Then I thought about it, this may be the only opportunity I would have. So, I said yes and we began our journey. After much deliberation back and forth, we settled on a name, preLewd Intimates was born. Creating our name was the easy part. The biggest challenge was (and still is) promoting our name. Throughout our journey, we have hit many roadblocks because of our name. Many Pop-up events will not accept us as vendors because of this. Our name gives the idea that we sell intimate devices, not apparel. Another issue, is that our URL is always flagged indicating it is ’spam.’ We attempted to obtain a TinyUrl and this was unsuccessful for the same reason.

To be able to promote ourselves on social media we have to be creative. How creative are we? Well, in the hashtags we are inputting our name several ways, such as: #prelewdintimatesdotcom #prelewdintimates #prelewd. This has yet to be flagged. We have also posted our logo (with our QR Code) on various social media channels. This has worked so far. Another avenue we have discussed, is changing our name. Although we both love our business name…we are more than aware, that we will need to sacrifice this if we want to have our intimate apparel business succeed.

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