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OMG, those Calvin Klein ads!

Recently, we created a social media post with Mark ‘Marky Mark’ Wahlberg from a Calvin Klein ad. It got us to peruse additional ads by Calvin Klein. For us, there were some hits and many misses. Here are the ones that caught our eye, in no special order, of course.

ASAP Rocky, how scrumptious does he look. Can you feel the 'come over here girl' manliness in this photo?

Eva Mendes is a strikingly beautiful statuesque woman. She is showcasing boldness, seductiveness, and confidence to anyone who views this ad.

Justin Bieber is not one of our favorite people BUT we will have to admit there is something delicious about him in this ad. Anyone else agree?

Enila Abioro and Ethan James Green are the definition for the ‘it’ couple in an ad. This simple pose gives off vibes of nurturing, protection, and providing.

Janaya Future Khan eludes bad assness, determination, and fierceness. This is a picture that keeps us mesmerized.

Djimon Housou, be still our heart. We can’t say enough about this ad with Djimon. We see him portraying strength, power, and a bit of wickedness in each of these poses.

Sometimes, we have a tendency to not really look at the beauty of ads. Yet, Calvin Klein seems to capture our interest in more ways than one with them. Whether it is the power of the photograph, the models, or the pure art form, one thing is certain, you cannot deny the beauty and confidence of the ads.

Do you have a favorite one? If so, share it with us it?


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