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Meet Stella...

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

We would like to introduce the third member to our preLewd Intimates team, Stella. Her entire name is Stella Alvarado-Moore, we affectionately call her Stell. Stell came to us one day in December 2021. We can honestly say that she has earned every dime we have invested in her. She is the best employee any employer can ask for. Stell does not complain, she is always ready to work, prompt, loyal, reliable, punctual, available and above all else a team player. These are excellent qualities in a good employee. We have to be honest, aside from being naked 90% of the time, she has been in some compromising positions. For example, when attending venues and events, transporting her has been difficult. It takes the entire team to get her ready to travel, and half the time her limbs are everywhere, except on her body. The only negative with Stella is that the team always has difficulty putting her leg back on. She’s suffered some bruises and dings but continues to surprise us by still hanging in with us. Her shiny personality comes through every time she is photographed. If you haven't figured it out yet, we are talking about our supermodel, our main figure, our dummy. Yes, Stella is our mannequin and we would not be preLewd Intimates without her assistance.

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